For Parents

Welcome to the Northwest Ohio Football Challenge. Please take a moment to read through this page to make your experince at the weekend's Tournament a more enjoyable experience.

1. Location. All games will take place on the Perrysburg JH Campus located at:
550 E South Boundary St, Perrysburg, OH 43551
All teams will play at least one game in Steinecker Stadium.


2. Admission. This Tournament is hosted by The Perrysburg Wrestling Club as a fundraiser for our upcoming Youth Season. The facility and the officials come at a cost and we are raising money to support over 70 youth wrestlers in the greater Perrysburg area. Please understand that we will charge an Admission Fee both days.

On Saturday all Adults will purchase an All-Day Pass for $10.00 and children ages 6 to 12 will purchuse one for $5.00.

3.  Code of Conduct. The Northwest Ohio Football Challenge directors have created a Team Code of Conduct Agreement to establish guidelines for coaches, players and all team spectators in attendance. Reading, understanding and agreeing to the Conduct Agreement is a requirement for attendance for each team. Please make all parents aware of this code of conduct.
- As head coach I will take full responsibility for all my players and coaches while at any of the Northwest Ohio Football Challenge games and/or activities and while on hotel property. To the best of my ability I will be responsible for my team followers during tournament events.
- Everyone on my roster is within the age requirements of the division that I have entered on my team. Every player has proper identification (birth certificates/grade card). I understand we will be removed from competition immediately and never allowed admittance into these events again if we are found to be using an ineligible player. No refund will be given.
- I have advised my players, coaches and team followers to be on their best behavior and reminded the adults that this event is for the kids and for all to be role models and examples.