November 12, 2018

VICIS - ZERO1 YOUTH Football Helmet

My name is Matt Morton, your Key Account Manager in Ohio & Kentucky for VICIS – makers of the ZERO 1 and now the ZERO1 YOUTH football helmet! I’m reaching out to present you with the opportunity to set a new standard for player safety in your youth league.  Individual pre-orders begin November 1st at 


I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with many of you during the Northwest Ohio Football Challenge at Perrysburg Junior High this past weekend! Interest was high from both adults and the young athletes.


VICIS recently announced the release of our Youth Helmet that will be available for the 2019 season. I’d love to set up a time to introduce myself, discuss my background, show you some sample helmets, and discuss the technology & added safety features we offer.


Here’s a link to the VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH helmet launch:  Youth Helmet


  • We are leading the charge in developing and offering new helmet technology, which features a deformable LODE Shell™ that slows and redistributes impact forces.

  • Our ZERO1 helmet is top ranked by the NFL/NFLPA Performance Testing and the top 5-star rated helmet under 5lbs by the Virginia Tech rankings.

  • These articles were recently published and offer some great information about our helmet and commitment to player safety.

  • VICIS recently announced the release of our Youth Helmet that will be available for the 2019 season. 

  • The ZERO1 is being worn by players on 25 NFL teams, over 125 leading NCAA programs, and more than 1,000 High Schools nationwide.


As we close out 2018, I want to work with you to ensure your players are #SquadZERO1 next season. We’re currently running some limited promotions that is getting great response and that you may be interested in.  Exciting things are happening at VICIS and more teams and players are coming on board each day!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or contact us at for more information on how to elevate your team or league’s player safety and family experience!


I’ll look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck in the future!


Thank you for your time!


Matt Morton

Cell: 740.703.4477





VICIS is a Seattle-based company focused on sports protective technologies. Its inaugural product, the ZERO1 football helmet, launched in 2017 and ranked first in 2017 and 2018 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Performance testing, and was named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2017. VICIS was also named one of Fast Company's 2018 Most Innovative Companies. The company has recently unveiled the ZERO1 YOUTH helmet, the first football helmet truly optimized for kids. For more information, visit



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