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    The Road to Steinecker Stadium

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    2018 NWOFC 12U Champions - SKRA Force

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    2018 NWOFC 12U Runner-Up - Clinton Redskins

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    2018 NWOFC 10U Champions - London Elite

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    2018 NWOFC 10U Runner-Up - Lou Groza - White

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Parents, coaches and players, welcome to the Northwest Ohio Football Challenge. We thank you for your support.  Our goal for this weekend is to exceed the expectations of all players, coaches and parents!  It seems like it was just August as we all anxiously anticipated the start of the ensuing football season.  I’m sure you all are very proud of our student athletes for their commitment, hard work, and discipline they have displayed this season, as well as their   accomplishments. 

Parents and players, please take a moment to thank your coaches and organizations for the time, efforts and resources they have invested in your children this year.  We all are so very fortunate to have such a committed group willing to devote the time and energy it takes to foster the successful programs you all have become accustomed to.  I would personally like to thank all the coaches for their exceptional communications, suggestions and willingness to cooperate over the past several weeks, a true indication that we are in store for a fantastic weekend of football!  

Lastly, please consider that we are competing in this tournament as a reward to our teams.  As we all know, in the “heat of battle” it is often times easy to lose sight and perspective.  Consider yourselves ambassadors from your respective communities and continue to be role models that you have been throughout the season.  Embrace the challenge; there will be no losers this weekend!

Best Regards,

Josh Hartzell
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